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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

New Profile is a young and visible organization, the outgrowth of our belief that there is a need to question the deep-seated influence of militarism on Israeli society. The movement, comprised of feminist women, men and youth, is a volunteer grassroots organization. Our name, New Profile, reflects the long-range aim of our organization: to change the Profile of Israeli society from a militarized society of war and might, to an actively peacemaking community in which the rights of all its citizens are protected and promoted equally, and the human rights of all people residing inside and outside Israeli borders are respected.

New Profile is the first political movement in Israel to identify de-militarization as a top priority. We have set before ourselves several goals. We focus on de-militarizing education. We do ongoing advocacy promoting demilitarization through lectures, the media, and conferences and other events. We support the right to resist the draft, conscientious objection and refusal to serve in the Occupied Territories for all men and women. We work with women whose lives have been damaged by militarization, such as victims of sexual harassment in the military, or of exploitation by the Ministry of Defense.

For more information please visit the New Profile website.

23 ארגוני נשים נגד חקירת “פרופיל חדש”

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Women’s Organizations Denounce the Investigation of New Profile

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

In response to police investigation of New Profile, CWP issued a statement of solidarity, collected signatures of civil society organizations and published an ad in Ha’aretz.

On Sunday this week police investigation was started against activists of New Profile, on charges of incitement to avoid military service. Starting an investigation against a movement whose activity is legal and legitimate, is aimed at stifling voices which threaten the militarist hegemony and militarist culture in the Israeli society.

This severe violation of the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Association threatens all of us. Today New Profile is the target – tomorrow, all who dare to think independently, express themselves freely, and promote justice and equality.

We call for an immediate stop to the investigation against New Profile and to the persecution of political activists in Israel.


Signed by the following organizations (by Hebrew alphabetical order)

Achoti (My Sister) For Women in Israel, Itach-Ma`achi, Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Isha Le`Isha (Woman for Woman- Haifa Feminist Center, Altufula – Nazareth, Balad Party, Communist Youth Alliance, Bat Shalom, Gush Shalom, The Fifth Mother, Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, The Israeli Committee for A Middle East free of Nuclear, Chemical and Bacteriological Arms, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), Center for Defence of the Individual, The Israeli Communist Party, The Alternative Information Center (AIC), Social TV, Association for Women`s Economic Empowerment, The Jaffa Group, Hithabrut-Tarabut, Zochrot, Hadash – Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, Yesh Gvul, Machsom Watch, Mossawa Center, Adalah – the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, Psychoactive, Coalition of Women for Peace, Kol Ha`Isha (Woman`s Voice) – Feminist Multicultural Center, Tmura (Change) – The Legal Center for Prevention of Discrimination, Tandi – Democratic Women`s Movement in Israel

There is no Israeli Ceasefire in Gaza / Rela Mazali

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Talk in Tel-Aviv for December 2 Demo—Coalition to Stop the Siege of Gaza

Let’s be clear about this: Israel’s fire at Gaza has not ceased. There is no Israeli ceasefire in Gaza. There is no Israeli ceasefire even when Israel’s soldiers aren’t shooting a single bullet in Gaza.

There are food shortages in Gaza. Israel is denying Gaza food. 70% of the families in Gaza do not have enough food. The prices of food have risen, are rising. The price of flour is up by a third. Israel prohibits fishing off the Gaza coast, denying a source of protein that is central to many in Gaza. Food shortages kill. Denying food is fire.

There’s a shortage of potable water in Gaza. Israel obstructs the regular provision of water there, both for drinking and for hygiene. Water shortages kill. Denying water is fire.

There are medicine shortages in Gaza. Israel is denying Gaza medicines. A friend’s brother, a physician who works in a hospital, is now calling himself a photographer. He x-rays patients’ conditions but cannot offer them treatment. Mostly, medicine shortages take the lives of infants, of children, of elderly and sick people. Denying medicines is fire.

There are power shortages in Gaza. Israel denies Gaza electricity. Power shortages take the lives of kidney patients who do not get regular dialysis treatments, of patients who depend on respirators, of diabetics who depend on refrigerated insulin, of babies whose food rots. Denying electricity is fire.

There is no reasonable economy in Gaza. For nine months now Israel has denied the Palestinian Authority tax revenues amounting to half its annual budget. Israel is withholding the salaries of 165,000 employees in both Gaza and the West Bank, 60,000 of them from Gaza, representing 40% of the employed workforce there. In Gaza and the West Bank over one million and seventy thousand people now subsist without basic living conditions. For nine months both Israel and the world have also withheld additional funds from the Palestinian Authority. Agriculture, production and commerce are dying within the Authority and with them, people are dying too. Economic siege is fire.

There is no freedom of movement in Gaza. Denying free movement kills those in need of life-saving medical treatment; those who depend on work away from home; women who are forced to give birth without vital assistance and babies born to such women. More than ever today, unemployed workers are confined to their homes, to frustrating humiliation, to enraging helplessness. More than ever today women exposed to domestic violence are imprisoned within the danger zones of their families. Denying free movement is fire.

The siege of Gaza is fire in disguise. Its victims aren’t counted among Israel’s casualties. It creates a dominion of creeping, blind death; it doesn’t even pretend to distinguish combatants from civilians. But first of all it kills the helpless.

Let’s be clear about this: Israel has made Gaza a death compound.

True, the siege isn’t total. There is no hunger as such in Gaza, there’s food, but not enough. There is power in Gaza, some of the time, not enough. There is medicine in Gaza, for some, not enough. There are exits and entries at the borders, sporadically, not enough.

Israel has created the semblance of a humanitarian siege; A weapon of mass destruction that is hiding in the details, reflected only through precise information and personal stories. But access to Gaza is difficult; communications are erratic. People there struggle to subsist day by day. How much can they invest in counting, recording, writing, in photography? The siege of Gaza is also a siege of freedom of information.

Therefore, for nine months now, the siege has been fairly successful at hiding this simple truth: The siege of Gaza is a crime; it is indiscriminate murder; it is a systematic execution of hostages; it intentionally sows arbitrary death.

And the pattern is clear: while the situation is worse right now in Gaza, Israel will extend it tomorrow to the West Bank behind the wall.

Both Gaza and the West Bank will go on igniting under fire, till they kindle Sderot again too. The bullet-less fire that Israel is shooting at the dispossessed of Gaza is fire that it is also shooting, by proxy, at the dispossessed of Sderot. The siege-fire of Gaza subtly exploits the photogenic suffering of Sderot to justify and conceal the fact Israel’s leaders are yet again choosing war.

The death siege of Gaza is designed to go on igniting the Palestinian community. It is designed to go on exploiting disenfranchised groups inside Israel. It is designed to present the false image of an Israel seeking peace and holding its fire. It is designed, first and foremost, to prevent true political process and a just peace while simultaneously absolving Israel of responsibility for war. The siege imposed in the name of Israel’s defense is designed to defend only Israel’s powerful, to defend the policies of force and appropriation that serve them so well.

I’m here to tell Olmert, Peretz, Halutz and every individual who serves the government’s armies: Your siege on Gaza is a crime. It is unconscionable—under any circumstances, for any reasons. It is a manifestly immoral act.

An ex-Chief of Staff, Moshe Yaalon, just recently evaded charges for war crimes in New Zealand. For now. The world is beginning—maybe slowly but still—to take action against Israel’s war criminals. And today, standing with us against the siege, against the prolonged oppression of the Palestinian people, are groups and individuals from one hundred cities and communities in Europe, in North America, in Asia, in Australia.

The crime of this siege is no less shameful or horrific than the crime that brought hundreds of thousands to the city square, twenty four years ago, bearing our shame. Then too, in Sabra and Shatilla, the act was disguised. Then too, there was blind killing of imprisoned helpless victims. Today we again bear our shame to this square and demand of you: Stop. Now. Unconditionally. Stop the crime immediately. Stop the siege.

  • Translated from the Hebrew by Rela Mazali

Freedom of Conscience And the Militarization of Israel’s Civic Society / New Profile

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

New Profile would like to urgently ask your support for a case of unlawful dismissal of an employee on grounds of his conscientious objection to certain types of military service. Attorney Michael Sfard, representing the employee, Yonatan Shapira, on behalf of New Profile , defines the case as: “above and beyond anything else, a case which explores the right to freedom of conscience in the private sector”.

In an unprecedented law suit filed September 28th 2006 with the Haifa Israeli labor relations tribunal, Sfard will accuse an Israeli commercial helicopter company of unlawfully discriminating on grounds of moral conscience against its employee, Yonatan Shapira. Yonatan Shapira became publicly known when, in September 2003, he as one of the initiators and representatives of the “Pilots’ Letter” in which twenty-seven Israel Airforce pilots stated that they “are opposed to carrying out attack orders that are illegal and immoral, of the type the state of Israel has been conducting in the territories.” The army responded by dismissing Shapira from further (reserve) duty in the airforce.

Shapira has been working for the abovementioned commercial helicopter company since 2000. His expertise is dangerous airborne maintenance work on live electricity cables. In 2004, the employing company was joined by a recently retired high-ranking airforce officer, prominently placed during the period when the “Pilots’ Letter” was published. Since the officer, who repeatedly and openly expressed his disagreement with and contempt for conscientious objectors like Shapira, became chief pilot of the company, in 2006, Shapira has effectively been barred from work.

Together with New Profile , attorney Michael Sfard, points out that this is a blatant case of discrimination resulting from the far reaching militarization of Israeli civic society. Israeli industry – among other spheres of civic society – is run, to a significant degree, by ex-members of the military establishment who frequently do not observe the legally underwritten distinction between army and civic society. As a result conscientious objection in the military context can be penalized and sanctioned in the world of work. Such penalties – usually invisible to date – have never before been challenged through the Israeli legal system. New Profile views this groundbreaking case as a vital part of the struggle to expose the deep running militarization of all strata of society in Israel and a meaningful opportunity to advance de-militarization while defending freedom of conscience.

New Profile urgently asks you to support Yonatan Shapira in his struggle against unlawful discrimination due to his conscientious objection. Litigation may be a time and resource-consuming process.

For donations please make a cheque payable to New Profile, noting: “on behalf of Yonatan Shapira” to: New Profile , POB 3454, Ramat Hasharon, Israel 47100 or transfer the donation directly to:

Bank HaPoalim Account Number 421121 Branch 769 Trumpeldor Street Ramat HaSharon, Israel


(Please inform us of the transfer)

For US residents – US tax deductible contributions can be made through the Refuser Solidarity Network ( Send a check made out to “Refuser Solidarity Network” with “New Profile” on the memo line to:

Refuser Solidarity Network P O Box 53474 Washington DC 20009-9474

Donate with a credit card at, and be sure to select “New Profile Projects” in the RSN Project field.

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