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“Testimonies: Women Under Occupation”

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Coalition of Women for Peace is marking our  15th anniversary by screening testimonies collected especially for this event: women from Susiya and the Jordan Valley talking about their daily reality of living under Israeli occupation

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Also on the agenda: a photo exhibition and a panel discussion on human rights violations and the lives of Palestinian women under occupation

Together, we will mark years of activism and partnerships in the struggle against the occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people. We will take a closer look at the complexities and vulnerabilities of the lives of Palestinian women under occupation. And together, we will think about ways and activities to change the reality of occupation and transform the current political discourse that ensures Israel’s impunity from international law.

Sunday, November 29, at 17:00 at the Arab-Jewish Theater, 10 Mifratz Shlomo, Tel Aviv-Yaffa

17:00-17:30 Gathering

17:30-18:00 Opening speech

18:00-18:45 Screening of testimonials of Palestinian Women

19:00-20:00 Panel with: Nisreen Al-Ayan, advocate with ACRI, on the violation of women’s rights in East Jerusalem; Maysoon Badawi, field researcher with Yesh Din, on trends in human rights violations; and Rajaa Natour, CWP, on the vulnerability of women under occupation

Moderation: Jessica Nevo, CWP

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End Israeli impunity

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

End Israeli impunity is a new project from Coalition of women for peace that aims to expose the occupation oppressive policies in the occupied territories that work with impunity, and to create a civil mechanism to oppose them.
Since the occupation of 1967, Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank suffer from the occupation policies and
practices that work with impunity to control their lives, lands and resources.

Despite damning evidence of ongoing human rights violations and crimes against humanity, the international community is still avoiding holding Israel accountable for the daily crimes of the occupation.
Moreover, efforts to hold Israel accountable are often being blocked.
The impunity status has enabled Israel to continue its oppressive policies in the occupied territories.

From impunity to accountability is a new project from Coalition of women for peace, because It is time to expose these policies, create civil mechanism that opposes these polices and to move from impunity to accountability.
It is time to crack the wall of denial, silencing and indifference, which provides Israel with a blanket of impunity

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