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The gendered aspect of Israeli checkpoints in the OPT- Position paper

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Who Profits Research Center and the Coalition of Women for Peace have joined together to publish this up-to-date position paper on Palestinian women’s struggle against the Israeli control of population, manifested in the
checkpoint industry

PDF file of the Gendered aspect of the checkpoints

The position paper sheds light on both government and corporate practices and their repercussions on the ground
This will also be reflected through recent testimonies of Palestinian women confronting checkpoints on a day-to-day basis

While many Civil Society Organizations have been addressing the political context that governs women’s lives
under occupation, the economic factors that engineer the political system and perpetuate the power relations at hand are still in need of greater attention
The Israeli checkpoints, as military structures, have been a symbol of the Israeli control of the Palestinian population. Yet, underneath these structures lies an economic infrastructure generated by corporate profit. The vast checkpoints industry includes the construction of checkpoints, security personnel and equipment provided by Israeli and international companies

The position paper address the checkpoint industry in the occupied West Bank as a case study of the integral part played by corporate stakeholders in oppressing Palestinian population and women specifically

Have Our Senses Dwindled? | Tamar Flieshman

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

At the break of dawn of every Friday during the Ramadan month world orders change. From that moment on the laws that regulate the occupation at Qalandiya all these years, every day of the year, that define a person’s “validity”, that create a profile with which it is decided whether or not he is a threat- are replaced. Different laws and rules, different in essence and in source, take their place for several hours.

Usually the highest authorities decide whether a person is granted or prevented passages at the checkpoint are the unseen representatives of the secret services. During these four half days the date of birth on a person’s ID is the only clearance factor.

Any other day of the year the individual must trouble himself to arrive at the gates’ of the authorities, wait for hours in endless lines, hand in a request explaining the reasons why he would like to be granted a permit (Tasrih), after all it is unthinkable that someone might pass Qalandiya checkpoint on a simple whim. Only after being inspected and coming out “clear”, according to their judgment, that is: if it is found that no relative of his has been accused/ arrested/ taken for investigation or either accidently or intentionally injured by military forces, and he himself is not found to be a devious schemer, only then will he be granted an authorized and signed permit.

And then suddenly, during these half days, when an elder hand exhibits before the military man standing at one of the gates of the checkpoint, an open ID that proves his age, the person will pass the imaginary border and enter Jerusalem.

But as secret services narrow the criterions that define whether elder pose any threats, it appears that the Palestinian children only grow more dangerous.

Usually a Palestinian child is granted permission to pass when escorted by a relative and a birth certificate (Kushan), proving that he has yet to turn 16 (the age when he ceases to be a juvenile). During these days, it would be unthinkable to grant a boy or a girl over 12 years of age, permission to pass.

Perhaps it is due to exhaustion and adaptation that everyone accepts this.

In view of the innate contradictions between these passage rules and the ones implemented on other days, one cannot but notice that those who are responsible for the harsh restrictions well as for these temporal reliefs, aren’t asked to give any answers regarding the reasons for this drastic change in the categories defining this large population as a threat, and whether there is a necessity to use the restrictions all days of the year.

But the facts show that none of the relevant active individuals- the ones executing this policy at the checkpoint, the victims of this system- nor the passive individuals- that observe, document and report, are not confronting neither the heads of this system nor the policy makers regarding this awful dissonance arising from the paradox of the policy change that had been described herein. After all, it’s not possible nor should it be accepted or ignored that an entire population is categorized as a ticking bomb.

Have our senses dwindled?

(Translated by Ruth Fleishman.)

– As a member of Machsomwatch, once a week Tamar Fleishman heads out to document the checkpoints between Jerusalem and Ramallah. This documentation (reports, photos and videos) can be found on the organization’s site: She is also a member of the Coalition of Women for Peace and volunteer in Breaking the Silence. She contributed this article to


Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

MachsomWatch is an organization of peace activist Israeli women against the Israeli Occupation of the territories and the systematic repression of the Palestinian nation. We call for Palestinian freedom of movement within their own territory and for an end to the Occupation that destroys Palestinian society and inflicts grievous harm on Israeli society.

MachsomWatch was founded in January 2001 in response to repeated reports in the press about human rights abuses of Palestinians crossing army and border police checkpoints. The excessive Israeli response to the al-Akza Intifada, the prolonged closure and siege of villages and towns on the West Bank provided the stimulus and the motivation for what at first seemed an impossible mission.

MachsomWatch is open exclusively to women. Our quiet but assertive presence at checkpoints is a direct challenge to the dominant militaristic discourse that prevails in Israeli society. It demands accountability on the part of the security forces towards the civilian estate, something hitherto almost unheard of.

10 Days Against the Siege, June 8 Report / Sandy Marshall

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Trafficking forbidden goods. Photo by Oren Ziv /

The CWP and CODEPINK delegation headed to the Erez crossing for a second day of action against the illegal siege of occupied Gaza on Monday.  A CodePink delegation representative once again presented to the Israeli border police the group’s intention to enter Gaza to bring in humanitarian relief (not to mention humor-itarian comic relief from the Clown Doctor – Patch Adams) for the besieged Palestinians as a gesture of international solidarity for their continued struggle.

Today’s action sought to highlight and counter the cruelty and ridiculousness of the siege with color and creativity.  A mock border fence was erected at the base of the Erez crossing sign with activists representing the trapped Gazans and a soldier from the Clown Army guarding the fence, denying entrance to the forbidden goods, including light bulbs, coffee, tea, flour, chocolate, pumpkins, paper and concrete.  A human convoy formed along the entrance to the crossing leading up to the mock-wall, with activists handing the forbidden goods down the line and passing them through the fence – representing the goal of the delegation: to break the siege.  To the beat of pot and pan drumming the crowd chanted “1-2-3-4,  open hearts and open doors!  5-6-7-8, stop the violence stop the hate”,  “no justice no peace, we are here to end the siege,”and finally, “What do want?  Coffee! When do we want it?  Now!” with the chant repeating for each of the forbidden goods that were being passed.  The human convoy then carried the goods in a procession in the road up to the border entrance, making a temporary shrine of the forbidden items at the closed gate, with teabags being tied to the links of the fence.

Following the action at Erez the delegation headed to Kerem Shalom, the crossing point into Gaza where what little humanitarian supplies and goods that are allowed entrance pass through by truck.  Expecting to be promptly removed from the area by soldiers, the group rushed to the crossing with the mock fence and forbidden goods.  Taken by surprise, the border guards did little to stop the action, and another human convoy was formed.  Meanwhile, Patch Adams thumbed down rides in a symbolic effort to hitch-hike to Gaza!  Much to every one’s surprise a car entering Gaza actually picked the Clown Doctor up and took him for a quick 30-second spin behind the border barrier, promptly returning him to the barrier entrance.  The group constructed another temporary shrine at this border crossing, this time, in addition to teabags, balloons and pink scarves were tied to the fence.  The activists even had time to reconstruct the play-set they had built the previous day at Erez. A humanitarian aid worker with previously arranged permission to enter Gaza was, following the action, able take the play set into Gaza as a small gesture.

Although the group has been denied the right to enter Gaza spirits are high for another day of action on Tuesday – particularly since a joint demonstration is being planned on the Palestinian side of the Erez crossing with hundreds of people, men and women, young and old, planning to attend.

10 Days Against the Siege, June 7 Report / Eileen Fleming

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Erez Checkpoint, June 7, 2009 – The bus load of CWP and CODEPINK activists arrived at the Erez Checkpoint at 10:00 AM on a sweltering cloudless day with a mission to build playgrounds in Gaza and to be bridges to change.

Led to the Checkpoint guard by Patch Adams who wore a chicken on hishead, a  humongous pacifier hanging from his neck and attired in a tie-dyed shirt and a balloon-panty diaper, the guard behind the glass encased was ‘disarmed’ for he smiled broadly.The passports of the activists were collected, scanned and returned in bulk to Patch who passed them onto one of the groups organizers. At 11 AM it was announced that the passports were being processed.

For two hours the anarchist clowns infused the group of 50 activists with the energy to erect a few pieces of playground equipment and fly kites while Patch and others engaged one of the guards in conversation which concluded with a handshake.

Ten Army jeeps showed up when a few kite runners ran down the dirt road towards the fifty foot high guard tower. When the kite runners returned to the group all were commanded to board the bus, which many did while chanting “give peace a chance.”

Not until we were nearly back to home base was it discovered that Patch Adams and Medea Benjamen’s [co-founder of CODEPINK] passports had not been returned.

The well organized machine that CODEPINK is had obtained the phone numbers to Erez Checkpoint and after making contact, they were informed that both Patch and Medea’s passports had been located.

CODEPINK coordinators will petition the powers to be with their plea to allow the international activists-thirty-five of which are Americans-to be allowed to enter Gaza.

Every call to Congress and the Israeli Embassy in support of the children of Gaza who are waiting to meet the activists matters.

All remain in good spirits and committed to doing something to end the siege and occupation of Gaza Palestine.

Eileen Fleming is a feature correspondent for The Palestine Telegraph and She is the founder of

Author of KEEP HOPE ALIVE and MEMOIRS of a Nice Irish-American ‘Girl’s’ Life in Occupied Territory”

She produced “30 Minutes with Vanunu” and “13 Minutes with Vanunu” because corporate media has been MIA all during a freedom of speech trial in Israel.

(עברית) הפרטת מחסומים והכיבוש המאוחר / אילת מעוז

Friday, October 10th, 2008

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