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Activestills and Coalition of Women for Peace 2006-2015 photo exhibition

Monday, January 25th, 2016

special update from CWP tour to the U.S

Monday, March 24th, 2014

  Short update from our board members tour to the U.S

After long preparations, two of our board members, Aya Mana’a &Iris Stern-Levi, went on a short tour to the U.S

started in NY, meetings with different organisations, activists and key people and of course participating an event organised

by CUNY students, discussing the history of activism against the occupation from a gender and feminist lens and the economic

interests in the occupation, and a special event hosted by Women In Black from NY.

After few busy days in NY, our members continued to DC where they participated in a special panel discussion on Non-Violent economic resistance, the Israeli occupation and the international involvement, together with churches representatives from the U.S

still to come- more and more exciting meeting with great political partners and organisations, an event with Students for Justice in Palestine- Georgetown Uni., discussing land dispossession within Israel, from the Negev/Naqab to Palestinian villages in the North; and a great event hosted by the amazing Code pink and Jewish Voice for peace DC

If you’re around, you can still catch them in Georgetown
or here

More updates to come

Support for the CODEPINK “Stolen Beauty” Campaign

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Support for the “Stolen Beauty” Campaign:

A Declaration by The Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel)

The Coalition of Women for Peace declares its support for the “Stolen Beauty” campaign, which calls for the boycott of Ahava Beauty Products because of the company’s involvement in Israeli settlement products, thereby profiting from the occupation of Palestinian lands.

Ahava products are yet another example of Israeli corporations profiting from the ongoing occupation of Palestine. The company’s involvement in the occupation of Palestinian land is indisputable and has been researched and documented by “Who Profits”, a project initiated by the Coalition of Women for Peace in order to research corporate involvement in the occupation.

Two Israeli settlements – Mitzpe Shalem and Kalia – own nearly 45% of the company, and the company factory and visitor center are located in the Mitzpe Shalem settlement. Both of these settlements are deep inside Palestinian territory. The Israeli settlement industry is one of many manifestations of Israel’s colonialist policies of expansion and land expropriation, in violation of international law. By practically annexing illegal settlements, Israel actively redraws the map of the region in order to sustain and deepen the occupation of the West Bank. Ahava and other companies that operate in illegal Israeli settlements are an essential component of this Israeli economy of occupation.

As Israeli peace activists, we see it as our duty to support the international community in taking measures against Israeli companies that are involved in sustaining the occupation. This international pressure is crucial in changing corporate policies and public opinions, both locally and internationally.

The international campaign to boycott Ahava Beauty Products is an important step in the struggle against the occupation of Palestine, against the oppression of the Palestinian people and towards a just peace for all inhabitants of the region.

The Coalition of Women for Peace – Israel

Getting Serious About Making Change: BDS / Pam Rasmussen

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Photo by Keren Manor /

When you analyze just about any major sea change in the  status of a population’s human rights, it’s clear that it is people power that makes the lasting difference.  Without a broad, sustained, grassroots movement, American women wouldn’t have the vote, blacks still would be slaves and gays wouldn’t be seeing gradual progress in their fight for the right to marry. Likewise, it was years of people power that pushed governments around the world to insist on an end to South African apartheid.

The same is true for the Palestinian people. The bright side of the Israeli attack on Gaza — if there is one — is the broader willingness of the public to criticize Israel’s policies and the call that is building for an end to Israel’s “sacrosanct” status in American foreign policy. One manifestation of this building movement is the increasingly loud and forceful calls for boycotts, divestments and sanctions — the same tools used so successfully at the grassroots level in the fight against South African apartheid. In addition to raising awareness among consumers of goods made or grown in Israel, for instance, we are calling on consumers to refuse to buy them and ask their supermarkets to take those goods (barcode 729) off the shelves altogether.

The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has chosen Motorola cell phones for its consumer boycott campaign. The company developed a radar “perimeter defense system” that has been installed in as many as 47 Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In some cases, the radar stations were erected on private Palestinian land to detect and prevent Palestinian movement near the Israeli settlements. Meanwhile, Aeronautics Defense Systems – which acquired the radar business — developed and provided the “Mountain Rose” communication system for the Israeli army, which is a specially designed mobile system for field conditions in the occupied West Bank. In addition, a subsidiary called MIRS is the Israeli army’s cellular services provider, and it has an extensive infrastructure network erected in West Bank army bases and Israeli settlements.

With this trip to Palestine, CODEPINK is now on board, and has chosen as its target Arhava Dead Sea Laboratories. The company, based in the Israeli settlement Mitzpe Shalem, labels its products as being “of Israeli origin”; however, according to international law, the West Bank cannot be considered part of the State of Israel short of a mutual agreement. In addition, its products – which are based on Dead Sea mud – are widely sold in New York City, and are thus a good target for U.S. media coverage.

To mark our entry into the BDS campaign and our solidarity with our partner, Coalition of Women for Peace, CODEPINK is targeting Arhava skin-care products, with a prominent Ahava Spa in Tel Aviv’s Hilton hotel as the launchpad. A small core team went in first to scope out the spa and purchase one of its mud facials. They then disappeared and returned a short while later with some of the mud hidden in their hands. Before anyone in the store could register their growing suspicion (the security guards in the hallway were called and began asking people like me why we were hanging around with our cameras seemingly at the ready), they had stripped down to their underwear and began slathering their bodies with the mask!

We all joined in the chant:

Ahava, Ahava
Your products made in stolen lands
We’re here to show your dirty hands.

Watch the video!

For more information on the BDS campaign, including which companies and products/services are being targeted, visit and

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