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Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Yedioth Ahronoth’ daily, one of the most important and widely-circulated Israeli newspapers, has organized a conference for fighting the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS). The conference was attended by a notably large number of diplomats and politicians, such as the EU ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen

The English translation for the article published in Bukra website by Reem Amer, co-coordinator of  Coalition of Women for Peace can be found in PDF version here


The gendered aspect of Israeli checkpoints in the OPT- Position paper

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Who Profits Research Center and the Coalition of Women for Peace have joined together to publish this up-to-date position paper on Palestinian women’s struggle against the Israeli control of population, manifested in the
checkpoint industry

PDF file of the Gendered aspect of the checkpoints

The position paper sheds light on both government and corporate practices and their repercussions on the ground
This will also be reflected through recent testimonies of Palestinian women confronting checkpoints on a day-to-day basis

While many Civil Society Organizations have been addressing the political context that governs women’s lives
under occupation, the economic factors that engineer the political system and perpetuate the power relations at hand are still in need of greater attention
The Israeli checkpoints, as military structures, have been a symbol of the Israeli control of the Palestinian population. Yet, underneath these structures lies an economic infrastructure generated by corporate profit. The vast checkpoints industry includes the construction of checkpoints, security personnel and equipment provided by Israeli and international companies

The position paper address the checkpoint industry in the occupied West Bank as a case study of the integral part played by corporate stakeholders in oppressing Palestinian population and women specifically

Activestills and Coalition of Women for Peace 2006-2015 photo exhibition

Monday, January 25th, 2016

A Hole In The Brick Wall” Conference in the Media”

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

In December 2014, CWP organized a 2 days conference on Non Violent Struggles.
For more information about the conference  Click Here

Below is a collection of articles from the media and interviews with local and international participants in the conference.

An Article about the conference – PDF file

An interview with Reem Amer General Co-coordinator,CWP – PDF file – English

An interview with Maayan Dak General Co-coordinator,CWP – PDF file – English

An interview with Jamila Raqib Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution – PDF file – English

An interview with  Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina) – PDF file – English

An interview with Rae Abileah (USA)

An interview with Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe)

An interview with Nadim Omar – PDF file – English

An article by Rae Abileah What does Beautiful Trouble have to do with feminism and nonviolence

Ten years to the Palestinian call for BDS, One year to the attack on Gaza

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

The BDS movement and its supporters in Israel have been subject in the past few years to increasingly more blatant and institutional forms of silencing and public demonization. First flagged by the extreme right, support for BDS is now restricted by law, through the anti-boycott legislation (July 2011). In April 2015 this anti-democratic law won the stamp of legitimacy from the Israeli High Court of Justice. Most recently the issue has been taken up by public figures, politicians and the Israeli media in an orchestrated campaign to turn the BDS movement and its supporters into the enemies of the state and a “strategic threat.”

In the shadow of this inflammatory rhetoric and institutional incitement, we must defend the legitimacy of positions critical of the Israeli government policies of brutal occupation and apartheid. We at the Coalition of Women for Peace support and defend the rights of Palestinians to live in freedom and in dignity. We support their legitimate struggle to put an end to the Israeli occupation and ongoing oppression, and we support the call for cultural and economic boycott, divestment and international sanctions to increase pressure on Israel from the international community. This form of civil resistance is recognized as a legitimate tool within Non-Violent struggles all over the world and is particularly effective against Israel that systematically violates international norms. It is our civilian duty to resist the disenfranchisement of the Palestinian people, the political imprisonment of hundreds including children and minors, egregious military violence, land grab, and economic profiteering from the occupation.

We therefore call upon organizations who are active in the struggle against the occupation, and particularly the feminist movements in Israel, to actively defy any anti-democratic law aimed to restrict our activities and silence our protest, to stand up clearly in support of the Palestinians, and to use any legitimate tool to continue the struggle against Israeli policies and for human rights. It is of vital importance that we, activists from Israel/Palestine, join campaigns in the international arena to discourage international support and diplomatic backing for Israel’s policies. We call upon activists in Israel and all over the world to use effective means and pressure governments and the business community in order to stop their complicity with the occupation and bring about change in the status quo.

A two-day conference dealing with nonviolent struggles

Friday, December 12th, 2014


The Coalition of Women for Peace cordially invites you to

A two-day conference of lectures, discussions, workshops and movies dealing with nonviolent struggles

Link to the website

Sunday, 14.12.2014
16.00-16.30: Reception, Coffee and Cake
16.30-16.40: Welcome and Introduction, Coalition of Women for Peace
16.40-17.40: Are you listening now? Resistance and Public Attention (Panel)
Facilitator: Hedva Isachar 
Speakers: Nadim Omar, Najwan Berekdar, Mahmoud 
Zwahre (pre-taped),Abeer Baker

(Rae Abileah (USA.

17.45 -18.45 Key Note
Jamila Raqib, Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution, USA

18.45-19.45: Dinner 

19.45- 20.45: Loyalties and Solidarity (Short Lectures) 
Facilitator: Sahar Shehade 
Speakers: Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Azzeez Al-Turi, Aya Shoshan, Sapir Sluzker-Amran

20.45-21.00: Break

21.00-22.30: Workshops (early registration required!) 

I.) Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe): What’s the Point of the Revolution if We can’t Dance? 

II.) Dalit Baum (USA): Multinationals, Money and Us: Nonviolence and Economic Activism

21.00-22.30: Documentations, Resistance, Movies and Memories (Mini Movie Marathon and Debate) 
Facilitator: Osnat Trabelsi

Issa Amro, Ahmad Amro, Aya Zamir, Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina) 

Monday, 15.12.2014:

16.00-16.30: Registration, Coffee and Cake
16.30-16.45: Welcome and Introduction, Coalition of Women for Peace
16.45-18.30: Is a Nonviolent Struggle necessarily a Feminist Struggle? (Short Lectures and Q&A)
Facilitator: Makbula Nassar 
Speakers: Dalit Baum (USA),Rfaa Anabtawe, Nabila Espanioly, Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe)

18.30-19.30: Dinner

 Media – a Tool for Change or an Obstacle to Protests Panel and Discussion
Facilitator: Orly Noy

Speakers: Shireen Younis, Prof. Amit Schejter,Yaser Elaoqbe, Elinor Davidov, Liat Schlesinger

21.45-22.00 closing Words, Coaliiton of women for peace

For further information please write us

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