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Selection of Texts on Nonviolent Struggles

Monday, February 8th, 2016

On December 2014 CWP has organised “A whole in a Brickwall” conference on Non-Violent struggles and
strategies for change
This booklet with selection of texts from various struggles and georaphical areas is another way of sharing the

knowledge that was gathered in movements all over the world, including Israel-Palestine

Nonviolence and Nonviolent resistance are by themselves very broad concepts and their various interpretations and manifestations are even broader and more diverse. We do not attempt providing in-depth explanations or discussing all the complexities and dilemmas regarding the struggles and their modes of operation. Instead, we chose to present several essential points and to describe several incidents and struggles from different places in the world that we can use for learning and drawing inspiration

Over the years, notions of nonviolent resistance have attracted considerable criticism. One of the major examples is the criticism voiced by Malcolm X against the approach identified with Martin Luther King Jr. Several questions and criticism have been raised also in the recent times, in the course of demonstrations and consolidation of protest movements worldwide, and in the struggle against the occupation.
It is important to remember that nonviolent struggle is not homogenous or dichotomic, it is not divided only into supporters and opponents. Rather it raises various issues and dilemmas, several of which are presented in this publication

You can read and download the full version – Hole In a Brickwall- Nonviolent struggles

“Testimonies: Women Under Occupation”

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Coalition of Women for Peace is marking our  15th anniversary by screening testimonies collected especially for this event: women from Susiya and the Jordan Valley talking about their daily reality of living under Israeli occupation

Facebook event

Also on the agenda: a photo exhibition and a panel discussion on human rights violations and the lives of Palestinian women under occupation

Together, we will mark years of activism and partnerships in the struggle against the occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people. We will take a closer look at the complexities and vulnerabilities of the lives of Palestinian women under occupation. And together, we will think about ways and activities to change the reality of occupation and transform the current political discourse that ensures Israel’s impunity from international law.

Sunday, November 29, at 17:00 at the Arab-Jewish Theater, 10 Mifratz Shlomo, Tel Aviv-Yaffa

17:00-17:30 Gathering

17:30-18:00 Opening speech

18:00-18:45 Screening of testimonials of Palestinian Women

19:00-20:00 Panel with: Nisreen Al-Ayan, advocate with ACRI, on the violation of women’s rights in East Jerusalem; Maysoon Badawi, field researcher with Yesh Din, on trends in human rights violations; and Rajaa Natour, CWP, on the vulnerability of women under occupation

Moderation: Jessica Nevo, CWP

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A two-day conference dealing with nonviolent struggles

Friday, December 12th, 2014


The Coalition of Women for Peace cordially invites you to

A two-day conference of lectures, discussions, workshops and movies dealing with nonviolent struggles

Link to the website

Sunday, 14.12.2014
16.00-16.30: Reception, Coffee and Cake
16.30-16.40: Welcome and Introduction, Coalition of Women for Peace
16.40-17.40: Are you listening now? Resistance and Public Attention (Panel)
Facilitator: Hedva Isachar 
Speakers: Nadim Omar, Najwan Berekdar, Mahmoud 
Zwahre (pre-taped),Abeer Baker

(Rae Abileah (USA.

17.45 -18.45 Key Note
Jamila Raqib, Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution, USA

18.45-19.45: Dinner 

19.45- 20.45: Loyalties and Solidarity (Short Lectures) 
Facilitator: Sahar Shehade 
Speakers: Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Azzeez Al-Turi, Aya Shoshan, Sapir Sluzker-Amran

20.45-21.00: Break

21.00-22.30: Workshops (early registration required!) 

I.) Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe): What’s the Point of the Revolution if We can’t Dance? 

II.) Dalit Baum (USA): Multinationals, Money and Us: Nonviolence and Economic Activism

21.00-22.30: Documentations, Resistance, Movies and Memories (Mini Movie Marathon and Debate) 
Facilitator: Osnat Trabelsi

Issa Amro, Ahmad Amro, Aya Zamir, Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina) 

Monday, 15.12.2014:

16.00-16.30: Registration, Coffee and Cake
16.30-16.45: Welcome and Introduction, Coalition of Women for Peace
16.45-18.30: Is a Nonviolent Struggle necessarily a Feminist Struggle? (Short Lectures and Q&A)
Facilitator: Makbula Nassar 
Speakers: Dalit Baum (USA),Rfaa Anabtawe, Nabila Espanioly, Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe)

18.30-19.30: Dinner

 Media – a Tool for Change or an Obstacle to Protests Panel and Discussion
Facilitator: Orly Noy

Speakers: Shireen Younis, Prof. Amit Schejter,Yaser Elaoqbe, Elinor Davidov, Liat Schlesinger

21.45-22.00 closing Words, Coaliiton of women for peace

For further information please write us

Gender Sensitivity and Feminist Methodologies for CSO’s

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Gender Sensitivity and Feminist Methodologies Information Kit for Activists Groups and Civil Society Organizations

 PDF version feminist tools

In this kit we would like to present a few key discussion points, as well as tools which can be used daily within the groups or organization in   which you are active and/or working for

As a feminist organization that is working towards ending the occupation and any forms of oppression, we place great emphasis on ongoing self-examination and peer-examination. As organization and groups that advocate social change, we must see how we can help each other in creating a better and hopefully safer community. Community that advocates change and reconstruction of social orders, while being able to self-examine

?Who is this kit for

This kit is suitable for everyone – individual activists from different genders, activist groups, civil society organizations, and anyone else who might be interested

Sexual harassment in SCO and activism

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Sexual harrasment position paper- PDF file

” .We may not break up on the outside, but we do crack on the inside… we partake in this same silence. By being silent.”

(Adv. Orna Kohn)

Unfortunately, sexual harassment forms a part of the reality of many women around the world. In Israel, Jewish and Palestinian , , women, straight women and lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, immigrants and refugees, all suffer sexual violence in the different aspects of life. The worldwide statistics point out that every third woman in the world goes through rape, that every fifth woman suffers from sexual assault within the family and that every seventh man in the world goes through sexual harassment or assault. In Israel, every fifth woman goes through rape and every seventh woman suffers from sexual assault within her family

Sexual violence and sexual harassment occur on the street, at the workplace, at home, in the post office and in the bank, but they also

occur in social change organizations, political activism groups, in demonstrations and in detention centers

This position paper tackles the tension between the existing state of things and the desired state, regarding the application of values and actions for the prevention of sexual harassment in civil society organizations and activist groups, in particular.

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