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special update from CWP tour to the U.S

Monday, March 24th, 2014

  Short update from our board members tour to the U.S

After long preparations, two of our board members, Aya Mana’a &Iris Stern-Levi, went on a short tour to the U.S

started in NY, meetings with different organisations, activists and key people and of course participating an event organised

by CUNY students, discussing the history of activism against the occupation from a gender and feminist lens and the economic

interests in the occupation, and a special event hosted by Women In Black from NY.

After few busy days in NY, our members continued to DC where they participated in a special panel discussion on Non-Violent economic resistance, the Israeli occupation and the international involvement, together with churches representatives from the U.S

still to come- more and more exciting meeting with great political partners and organisations, an event with Students for Justice in Palestine- Georgetown Uni., discussing land dispossession within Israel, from the Negev/Naqab to Palestinian villages in the North; and a great event hosted by the amazing Code pink and Jewish Voice for peace DC

If you’re around, you can still catch them in Georgetown
or here

More updates to come

March 8- Feminist Solidarity- Free Gaza now

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Women’s Day action- feminist solidarity with Gaza

Pics from the event-

Haim Schwarczenberg


On International Women’s Day 2014 we, feminist activists against the occupation, choose to stand as close as we can to the
northern-most neighborhood in Gaza Strip.

More than a million and a half women and men are living on the other side of the fence, though the Israeli public is completely oblivious to their existence. The daily ordeals, life and experiences of women under siege are hidden from our eyes by walls of concrete, fences and silence.

On International Women’s Day we stand in solidarity with the struggles of women in Israel., Palestine and all over the world who live under oppression .

This year we chose on this day to come and stand here by Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of women are besieged, living in extreme conditions, experiencing water shortage, lack of medical and educational services, limited freedom of movement and poverty.

Let’s open our eyes and look beyond the walls, call for an end of the siege, and an end to the navel and aerial blockade on the Gaza Strip, for life, freedom and dignity

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