CWP tour in the U.S, March 2014

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 | 18:10

Dear friends,

Two of our board members will visit the U.S. at the end of March 2014.
please share and distribute these 2 events:
NY meeting with students at CUNY

DC  CODEPINK DC and Jewish Voice for Peace-DC Metro Chapter

General information:

CWP is a feminist organization against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and for a just peace. It was founded in the beginning of the 2nd Intifada as a coalition of Palestinian and Jewish women (within the borders of 1948) that struggle together to end the occupation, through public campaigns and outreach programs, integrating a feminist and anti-militaristic discourse on all levels of society.

On 2007 CWP initiated the Who Profits From the Occupation research project in order to investigate corporate complicity in the Israeli occupation. After more than six years, Who Profits became a well-established professional research center and registered as a separate nonprofit. CWP and Who Profits work as sister organizations on a joint project to raise awareness of the economic interests that support the Israeli occupation, to mainstream the discourse about the economy of the occupation and establish economic activism as a common and legitimate tool in the struggle to end the occupation.

CWP is known for its clear and principled stances, including its unwavering support of the right of return of Palestinian refugees and the endorsement of universal jurisdiction.

Among CWP campaigns in recent years:

A campaign against anti-democratic legislation and the “Anti-boycott law”, solidarity with women in Iran, a campaign to end the siege of Gaza, a campaign against house demolitions.

Throughout the years, CWP has been a leading feminist voice within the Israeli anti-occupation movement and Human rights community, leading us to work intensively to confront issues of sexual harassment in political groups.

We hope that this upcoming CWP tour to the U.S. will introduce the CWP vision and activist initiatives to sympathetic U.S. audiences and help build personal relationships with peace/anti-occupation/anti-militarism/feminist activists, networks, organizations and foundations.
We are interested in face to face meetings and we can facilitate workshops and talks about our work.

CWP activists Aya Mana’a and Iris Stern-Levi will be leading this tour.

Aya Mana’a is a Palestinian woman born and raised in the village of Majd el-Kurum in the north. Aya’s has worked for several organizations including Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHR), Mossawa center, CWP and in Isha L’isha. 

In the past two years, Aya has focused on the struggle to support the Palestinian political prisoners in the Israeli jails during the big wave of hunger strikes, in the struggle against the Prawer Plan and the land theft in the Negev\Naqab and in local community struggles in Jaffa.

Iris Stern-Levi is a longtime activist in the feminist movement and in the struggle to end the Israeli occupation. Her experience includes 20 years of work in the Tel Aviv Rape Crisis Center. She gives lectures and workshops on various feminist topics and promotes the feminist tools and discourse as an immanent part of the struggle to end the Israeli occupation in Palestine. Currently Iris is a board member of CWP and the co- director of the Israeli Tribunal for testimonies of women victims of sexual assault.

For further information please Contact:
Maayan Dak, CWP co-coordinator,

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