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INsecurity | The Military Industries Shadow Conference

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

We are excited to invite you to “INsecurity | The Military Industries Shadow Conference” that will be held on Wednesday June 7th in Dobnov Gallery Tel Aviv between 10:00-18:00.

INsecurity is an alternative to ISDEF arms expo held during the same time in Tel Aviv Convention Center. The arms expo will host representatives from all over the world, eager to hear about the Israeli military industries, about asymmetrical warfare and killing technologies; about how Israeli law enforcement methods maintain authority and order; and about their export of arms to conflict zones without actual supervision.

In “INsecurity | The Military Industries Shadow Conference” we will speak about our feminist and civil notions of security. We will learn from local activists and from distant conflict zones about the devastating impact of Israeli military industries. We will raise questions regarding their true human price and about profits from the occupation and fighting.

Among the Speakers:  Adv. Eitay Mack, activist working to expose the Israeli arms export * Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network and Secretary General of Control Arms Foundation of India * Terry Crawford-Browne, a former investment banker who worked to implement the financial sanctions on Apartheid South Africa and a corruption and arms deals exposing activist * Activists from protest movements in Colombia, Black Lives Matter in the US, UK, Argentina, Bosnia and more.

Stop The Rioters!

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

A protest tour from Kochav Hashahar settlement to the Baladim outpost calling for the dismantling of the settlements and outposts that are displacing the residents of the Jordan Valley from their lands.

Last week masked assailants from the Baladim outpost in the Jordan Valley attacked with sticks and stones Palestinian farmers working their lands, and Israeli activists who accompanied them. Read more about the attack here:

This week we will go back there with a clear message: We will not give in to their violence, and will stand in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of the area struggling for their lands.

Register for transportation from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem:


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Organizations and international institutions are warning that Gaza is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. Already now, Gaza is facing a water crisis, extreme pollution, electricity shortage as well as economic distress. All these hardships turn life into a daily struggle for survival for Gaza’s residents, both women and men. This situation is the cumulative outcome of a decade-long siege on Gaza, in addition to the frequent military offensives on the strip every few years, and the attempts at reconstruction in-between these rounds.

Amidst all this, women in Gaza are dealing with specific difficulties and challenges. But as already the situation in Gaza is rarely brought up, the situation of women is even less present in public debates. Precisely because of that, we ought to be all ears and listen to the calls coming from Gaza, to learn and to become active.


We will be shedding light on these issues in our conference “WOMEN BEYOND THE SIEGE”.

Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 6 pm to 8 pm at the Arab-Hebrew Theatre ‘Al Saraya’, Mifratz Shlomo Promenade 10, Jaffa.

We will also be launching a campaign relating to the conference, raising awareness for the situation of women in Gaza. We would appreciate you taking part.

Intervals 3- Art sale to raise funds

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Art sale to raise funds for legal expenses for the defense of activists in the joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle against the occupation

David Hachmi 18, Tel-Aviv- Jaffa

Original works of art by renowned and emerging artists, advanced purchase can be made through the website.

Credit card purchases are tax deductiable in th U.S

The struggle against the occupation and for democracy and equality depends on the time and energy of volunteers, but it also involves high legal expenses. One of the methods of suppressing the struggle against the occupation is legal persecution: many demonstrators Palestinians as well as Israelis are arrested at demonstrations for no reason. They are accused of false charges against which they must defend themselves. Despite the willingness of a dedicated legal team to work for solidarity rates, the costs add up to a substantial amount.

25% of the sale price of each work will be paid to the artist who donated the work. All funds raised will be dedicated to covering legal expenses. 

Opening hours: Thursday 20:00-23:00; Friday 10:00-16:00; Saturday 10:00-22:00

The initiators of the intervals project were the Coalition of Women For Peace which has supported this struggle from its inception and Anarchists Against The Wall have taken part in this struggle for about 10 years and have paid a high personal, legal and financial price.

These days the intervals project is being carried on by a group of activists to support the original goals of the project.
Curated by Ofra Harnam

“Testimonies: Women Under Occupation”

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Coalition of Women for Peace is marking our  15th anniversary by screening testimonies collected especially for this event: women from Susiya and the Jordan Valley talking about their daily reality of living under Israeli occupation

Facebook event

Also on the agenda: a photo exhibition and a panel discussion on human rights violations and the lives of Palestinian women under occupation

Together, we will mark years of activism and partnerships in the struggle against the occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people. We will take a closer look at the complexities and vulnerabilities of the lives of Palestinian women under occupation. And together, we will think about ways and activities to change the reality of occupation and transform the current political discourse that ensures Israel’s impunity from international law.

Sunday, November 29, at 17:00 at the Arab-Jewish Theater, 10 Mifratz Shlomo, Tel Aviv-Yaffa

17:00-17:30 Gathering

17:30-18:00 Opening speech

18:00-18:45 Screening of testimonials of Palestinian Women

19:00-20:00 Panel with: Nisreen Al-Ayan, advocate with ACRI, on the violation of women’s rights in East Jerusalem; Maysoon Badawi, field researcher with Yesh Din, on trends in human rights violations; and Rajaa Natour, CWP, on the vulnerability of women under occupation

Moderation: Jessica Nevo, CWP

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(עברית) די להתנחלויות בחברון- מוצ”ש 12.4.14 בתל אביב

Thursday, April 10th, 2014



 די להתנחלויות בחברון!

מוצש 12/4 בשעה 20:00, קינג‘ גורג‘ פינת שד’ בן ציון, ת”א

חג חירות– לא ליהודים בלבד


בהמשך להפגנה שמתקיימת בחברון בצהרי יום שישי ובהתאם לקריאה מפעילים פלסטינים מהגדה לישראלים לצאת ולהשמיע את קולנו- לא נפקיר את הרחוב הישראלי לאלימות הימין.


די להתנחלות בחברון– לא להשתלטות על בית רגאבי

במרץ 2007 נכנסו מתנחלים לבית משפחת רג’אבי (בית המריבה”) וטענו שרכשו אותו כדין

בדצמבר 2008 פונו מתנחלי בית המריבה, לאחר שנתגלה כי חלק מהמסכים שהציגו  היו מזוייפים

ב2012 קבע ביהמ”ש שלמרות שחלק מהמסמכים מזויפים- המתנחלים הם הבעלים החוקיים. ביהמ”ש העליון אישר את העסקה ואת זכויות המתנחלים על הבית.

למרות הפסיקה, הסמכות להקים התנחלות נמצאת בידי הממשלה.

שר הביטחון יכול להחליט לעכב את העסקה ולמנוע את כניסת המתנחלים למתחם.

הקמת התנחלות נוספת בחברון תגביר את ההגבלות הקיימות על חייהם של התושבים-חוסר יכולת לנוע בחופשיות ברחובות העיר, לקיים מסחר ובכלל לנהל את חיי היום יום באופן חופשי וללא נוכחות צבאית מתמדת.

מאז פסח 1968 מאפשרים ומעודדים המדינה והצבא את קיומן והתפתחותן של התנחלויות בחברון.


ביום חמישי ה 10/4 יכנסו לתוקפם 30 הימים בהם שר הביטחון יכול לאשר או למנוע הקמת התנחלות נוספת בחברון.


בעוד בעולם מדברים על משא ומתן והצלחתו או כישלונו

הצטרפו אלינו בקריאה ברורה– די להתנחלויות בחברון!


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