Palestinian woman, with a permit to work inside Israel, crosses the Israeli military checkpoint near the city of Tulkarm, Sha'ar Efrayim checkpoint, West Bank, February 21, 2010.</p>

The gendered aspect of Israeli checkpoints in the OPT- Position paper

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Who Profits Research Center and the Coalition of Women for ... more


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Anti-Atom Berlin

Selection of Texts on Nonviolent Struggles

On December 2014 CWP has organised "A whole in a Brickwall" conference on Non-Violent struggles ... more

	Hundreds gather in Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s attack on Gaza, despite a police decision to revoke the demonstration’s permit, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, August 9, 2014.</p>

Activestills and Coalition of women for Peace 2006-2015 photo exhibition

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Security of LBTQ women- women’s security index 2015

WSI – WOMEN’S SECURITY INDEX Israel is viewed as a safe haven for the LGBTQ community (lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgender and queer people). Attacks such as the one that occurred on July 2015 during  the Jerusalem ... more

End Israeli impunity

End Israeli impunity is a new project from Coalition of women for peace that aims to expose the occupation oppressive policies in the occupied territories that work with impunity, and to create a civil mechanism ... more