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Piecing it together: Feminism and Nonviolence

As part of our work on issues of non-violent resistance and feminism ,We bring you here ... more

Gender Sensitivity and Feminist Methodologies for CSO’s

Gender Sensitivity and Feminist Methodologies Information Kit for Activists Groups and Civil Society Organizations  PDF version feminist tools In ... more

(עברית) שקיפות: דוח”ות כספיים

דוחות שנתיים: דו"חות כספיים לשנת 2012 - כאן דו"חות כספיים לשנת 2011 - כאן דוחות רבעוניים: דו"ח רבעוני ... more

Sexual harassment in SCO and activism

Sexual harrasment position paper- PDF file " .We may not break up on the outside, but ... more

The right to shelter -Gender aspects

The right to shelter- our new position paper Following 2011 demonstrations and the social justice protest, ... more

The Palestinian Attempt to Gain Recognition for a State in the UN: CWP’s Opinion

International recognition of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people is an important and ... more

Have Our Senses Dwindled? | Tamar Flieshman

At the break of dawn of every Friday during the Ramadan month world orders ... more

Open Letter to Justice Richard Goldstone

Dear Justice Richard Goldstone, The recent escalation in the Israeli army incursions into the ... more

The Struggle Over the Right to Boycott

Yuval Ben Ami, City Mouse Online It’s not only the right to boycott that artists in ... more

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