The Fifth Mother

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 | 17:30

The Fifth Mother was founded in March 2002 by women from the Four Mothers Movement, which was instrumental in ending the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, and other women who share the view that “War Is Not My Language”.

The movement brings to the public discourse insights from language and conflict resolution in the unique voice of women, and provides an alternative to the militant language now defining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The movement calls for involving experts like conflict resolution mediators to help extricate the negotiations from the present impasse.

In addition, in our role as women and mothers, we believe it is important to raise the voice that already exists in each one of us – the voice of women that feels pain and compassion, and deals with fear and uncertainty about conflict through negotiation and mutual respect.

We believe that every conflict has a solution and that conflicts must be solved with words, not bullets. Accordingly, we interpret the continuing, decades-long crisis, and the particularly severe traumas since 2000, as part of an ongoing, complex process of conflict resolution, and, therefore, we believe that a decent and just solution for both sides can be obtained.

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