2008 Annual Report

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 | 17:46

Dear activists, friends, and supporters,
We write these words in troubled times, as we look upon the deteriorating political reality in Israel/Palestine. The attack on Gaza in the last days of 2008 was unprecedented in its scale of death and destruction. A wave of frightening nationalism swept over the Israeli public, hand in hand with the organized political persecution of activists. Today we face an extremist right-wing government and the challenges are enormous.
The Coalition of Women for Peace does not have the luxury to give up. We have a responsibility to raise our voices and take action to end the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian Territories and to secure full civil rights for all people in this land, for a chance of a peaceful future. The partnerships between women that we established over the years across the borders of nationality, ethnicity, sexuality and class, are our most powerful asset to actively resist the violent segregation imposed on us. It is the commitment to resist the different forms and faces of racism and oppression that empowers us. Your solidarity and support is invaluable today more than ever.

This report outlines the achievements of CWP in 2008 – results of relentless and passionate work of hundreds of committed women. We are particularly honored to present the pioneering investigative project “Who Profits from the Occupation?” www.whoprofits.org. This is a comprehensive database on corporate involvement in the occupation – one of the major obstacles to Middle East Peace.

Lana Khaskia and Eilat Maoz, General Coordinators

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